Getting the Right Vacuum Cleaner

No one loves sitting in a dirty car. Yes, your car can be messy with food boxes and personal belongs everywhere on the seats or on the floor but you still want to maintain car hygiene for sure. A car vacuum is a very cost-effective solution to make your car look nice and help you breathe healthy air.

Why not invest in the best car vacuum? It helps you easily clean dust and dirt particles in each and every corner of your car, even at the car seat areas. Mites, bacteria, other allergens and even pet hair can also be removed efficiently, which is essential for people with breathing or allergic issues. Instead of recommending you which brand or model to buy, this guide will focus on helping you select the right appliance for your requirements.


  1. Types of car vacuum

Car vacuums are available in two main types: (corded) professional wall-mount models or canisters and (cordless) hand-held models. You can also use your home cleaner but it is not as efficient and may cause issues rather than being helpful.

There are a lot of factors involved in your decision of which type to choose: your vacuuming requirement (just for car or not, how often and where do you intend to use it), the size of your car, portability, and convenience.

  • Corded models:

They are suitable for using at home garage for cleaning not just the car but other vehicles or garage floor also.

The best thing about corded models is that they have great suction power. This means these appliances can help you finish you vacuuming task faster and more effectively they can pick up tiny and stubborn dust particles that may other be missed with those of weaker suction (aka handheld models). Also, think about how much time and energy you need to spend if you vacuum a big car with a very small vacuum cleaner.

If you intend to mainly clean up your car home, a corded car vacuum is a wise investment because it is powerful and very durable

The downside of corded car vacuums is that they must be plugged to a suitable power outlet to operate; their operating areas are therefore limited. The cord must be really long (at least 25 feet) to make sure users have no problem assessing the power source (the use of extension cords is not recommended).

  • Cordless models


Cordless car vacuum excel in terms of convenience and portability. Since they run on rechargeable batteries, they can be used anywhere. Plus, they are cheaper, more lightweight and compact, which explains their popularity; just put them in the trunk or the back of the car because they surely fit there. They are really suitable for people who bring children and pets along for the ride: there tends to be a mess behind with garbage and lots of debris.  People who are always on the go also prefer these models.

Since they are battery-powered, they are limited in suction power, though. They cannot operate continuously for long durations of time due to their battery life. In buying these appliances, it is essential to pay attention to charge length and battery life. Obviously, the faster the charging time and the longer the battery life, the better it is for users because no one likes having to stop in the middle of vacuuming to recharge the battery.

  1. Vacuum capacity

In a vacuum cleaner, the tank is the container for anything that the appliance picks up. If you forget about the capacity of the tank and just pick up whatever size you see, you may have to empty it several times during the vacuuming process. Mind you, it takes some time to remove the tank from the appliance. If you do not mind doing so, then a smaller tank is acceptable.

Look for a large tank if you want your appliance to store a large amount of dirt and dust particles: for example because your car is large. Generally, a good car vacuum is a little bit heavy (but still easy to hold) and has a large capacity.

One thing to note: how much a tank can actually hold is less than the stated capacity; plus you should never let it become too full anyway. For light vacuuming, you can choose tanks that can hold 2-6 gallon of debris. Heavier duty chores (for large messes and spills) will require larger tanks (8-14 gallon).

  1. Attachments


Vacuuming cannot be done effectively without attachments: you need to use the right attachment for the right cleaning area. For example: upholstery/carpet brushes can be used for cleaning car seats and places covered with soft fabric; a long hose/extender helps to reach out-of-reach areas (like those under the car seats); the nozzles are handy for picking dust in the corner while wide attachments assists cleaning of large floor areas and car boots.

  1. Ease of use and cleaning

Look for a vacuum cleaner that allows you to access its filter and dust bag easily. It is best if the filter is dishwasher-safe, risible and reusable.

  1. Additional Features
  • HEPA filters: Pay a little more for these filters as they are more effective than regular filters in removing pollen, dust mites and other allergens in the car, which can worsen asthma or allergic reactions.
  • Bagless design: this eliminates the need for frequent bag changing and buying.
  • Shoulder straps: they lessen the weight/fatigue on the body and make carrying easier
  • Wet and dry cleaning capabilities: these appliances can remove dust and clean up spills as well.
  1. Cost

A high quality vacuum cleaner is always expected to perform better and last longer than its cheaper counterpart but it can cost $200 or more. Think carefully if you really need a lot of advanced features and bear in mind that the price does not necessarily go hand in hand with quality. But do not settle for cheap models that can fall apart after just several uses also.

  1. Warranty

The normal warranty for car vacuums is 1 year. You can also find higher end models that offer 2- year warranty.

My name is Raymond A. Brown and I’m a car care professional. I’m a person who is willing to provide you the best possible service, so that you can have a better outcome. Our car care services are better enough to meet the actual needs of our customers.

Selling a car in the modern world higher price, less time-consuming.

If one is trying to sell his car or truck on the market, he has to make a choice between time and money. Whether it is selling a car on a private sale or through a car dealership group, if he wants more money he ought to invest in endless time-consuming transactions to receive his money and vice versa, less money if he wants the cash immediately.

There are companies working on a modern approach for this process which can meet the consumer’s expectations. Start-up companies like Beepi, Carvana, Roadster, Shift and Vroom have created a peer-to-peer automotive sales network in which you can upload an album of your car and provide effortless information to receive an offer from the dealer. Apart from being convenient, these companies are willing to pay more money than the other dealers. Simple enough as they say it is, here is a review of two car owner-editors who tested these seven online car-selling tool.


Looking for the perfect deal

Our two editors were trying to sell a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro V-6 1LS and a 2013 Chevrolet Spark 1LT, both with manual transmissions, in a way most car owners would do.

They first evaluate their car’s market value by looking them up on Black Book and Keylley Blue Book, two vehicle evaluation tool which are approved and commonly used in the market.

With these prices locked in place, we move on to the modern dealers for the real price-check.

The old-established players

As soon as we post the cars to evaluate, offers from a group of car dealership came in and led the owners to Autonations’ We’ll buy your car site. The process involves a package of questions about your car which can be answered from you home effortlessly. One advantage is that their market is nationwide which includes 48 contiguous, meaning they will buy your car even if they don’t have a store in your state. In less than 30mins later, the offers come out with near under-average price.


Then come to another dealership site: TrueCar sell. Participants in this network are required to answer specific questions and upload pictures of their car for information. Your data is then sent to the public where local dealers can see and bid your car. You receive the best offer within less than a day:

The newcomers’ price

After getting a grip on the established players’ price, our two owner checked out the five new players, but here we only listed two most interesting results: Beepi and Vroom.

  1. Beepi

Being a modern company, they caught the attention by stating that only customers living near specific area can use the service: San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona; metro area (which includes parts of Maryland and Virginia).

As the writers live in Michigan, they continue to explore this direct peer-to-peer service. The price they offered were estimates, not like that exact number of the mentioned dealers. Your car must be in the listed locations in order to be eligible and then a Beepi officer will arrange a meeting to check your car’s condition. The results will be in a 240-point format. One advantage is that you can drive your car during the time it is sold online. If you are in a rush for money, Beepi offers an immediate check with a cost of 500$.

  1. Vroom

Vroom is an online application that stresses most on simplicity. Submit a form and provide the pictures of you vehicle and they will send you an interesting offer after that. A big plus for Vroom as they work nationally. Keep in mind that they are actively seeking for inventory as one Vroom representative responded to out Spark owner, claiming that he wants to buy his car. Should you accept the offer, their officer will pick your car up at your location and run a quick test on it.


With this sharing, you are now wiser in choosing which way is the best to sell your auto with higher price and less time consuming. We hope that you still keep following and supporting in the next articles. Wish you sell the car in the best price!

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How to go cycling?

You decide to take the plunge? You want to go on a bike? Very good! Congratulations, you will not regret it.
However, I recommend you go at your own pace. If you try to go on a bike suddenly, while you have not done any sport for 10 years, and you’re not ready, not equipped, ill-advised, you will quickly be eliminated. Better to start gently.
If you are unsure, take the bike once a week, to go to work. Then twice. Start slowly, you will see, you will take a taste. Finally, it is up to you how you want to proceed.

Starting on the right foot, here are some tips from my experience:
Invest in a good quality bike
For pity’s sake, do not buy your bike in a large area or the decathlon. After a few weeks of use, it will start to go awry, wear, binding. Also, some parts will not be standard, and you have saved on quality, you will lose ten times in repairs.

Do not hesitate to pick the quality. A bike is an investment. At a good bike shop, we will make you a free initial review after the first month, and you’ll be quiet for a long time. And then there is relative. A new bicycle premium is often cheaper than a used car. In two months, your purchase will pay for itself.
Also look out for used bikes, especially on flea markets.
Choose a bike for your use
necessary equipments for Mt.Fuji climbing
How many kilometers will a day you drive? Will you go shopping with? Do you have children? In short! Ask good advice from your bike shop, because it does not recommend you the same bike as usual.
I see many people who stand out their old mountain bike to get around town. But for the city, nothing beats a good … city bike, with light, and luggage rack. Again, think twice, it’s an investment, and when you cycle, the difference will be felt.

For a city bike, think that lighting is essential. With a hub dynamo (that is directly integrated into the wheel), you gain in comfort.
Think about the accessories
Besides the bike, there are essential accessories. I think of the bags. Because you know, biking, Quench. At first, it is used to go to work, and then we finally go shopping with. Good bags will help you carry heavy loads, instead of lugging you a huge backpack.

Then some carts run on the bike to transport bulky stuff. But that, you can always see later.
And then there is the lock, essential against theft. We’ll talk later.
Do not stingy on safety
Even if your bike has good lighting, it is never too visible. A reflective vest is cheap and can save a life. Otherwise, some light strips are a bare minimum.

And helmet. Hmm … On the helmet, everyone does not agree, because it would have adverse side effects. For example, motorists would pay less attention to cyclists wearing helmets … See for yourself.
You can also attach to your bike a safety distance spacer. It’s a simple piece of plastic that goes beyond and discourages cars to overtake you too closely.

And maintenance
A bike is a mechanical machine that requires maintenance. You can take it for repair whenever you puncture a tire.
Tinkering a bit, you will save a lot of time and money. And although many bikes have evolved, it is still not the Boeings.

The minimum is to know to repair a flat tire. You will need it for a required patch. It is also useful to learn the speed adjusting the cable. And it is essential to lubricate occasionally moving parts to reduce wear. Talk to a handyman friend, or you find a good book on the subject. Then you can settle you to service your bike once a year with a good bike shop, and be quiet.

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Laundry: the best tips ever


Two natural products for soft clothes!

You find healthy and organic products for your machine? Here are some tips to replace your chemical softener by natural products. Your machine will remain soft, and you will have acted for the good of the planet!

A few words about softeners

Although they are essential for many, softeners are not necessarily required to take care of your clothes. However, if you are fond of these, it is best to make them yourself using natural products. Indeed, many softeners on the market contain allergens that can cause skin problems such as dermatitis or contact allergies. Here are two simple and natural products that help preserve your skin.

White vinegar

You only need a glass of white vinegar. Add it to the rinse cycle of your washing machine. This miracle product will dissolve the lime in the water which will be good for your machine and make your machine more flexible.
Baking soda
In the part of your washing machine reserved for fabric softener, put 2 tablespoons of baking soda. This product will work wonders on your machine! Do not use on wool and silk.

Laundry house: 3 recipes

Three recipes for making your laundry

Be on top of the current trend, you indulge in the homemade! Economic, ecological, manufacture its laundry without the addition of additives for washing clothes is a real breeze. Three flagship products are the basis for these recipes grandmothers: the soap, Aleppo soap and wood ash.
The soap
To make your laundry liquid, you need water (3 liters), Marseille soap (50 grams) and sodium bicarbonate (about 3 tablespoons).

The production takes place in just a few steps:

Pour a liter of boiling water in a large capacity bucket.
Sprinkle soap that you have taken care of beforehand grate and mix.
Add the baking soda.
Stir everything and set aside for at least an hour and a half.
Add a quart of warm water in the preparation.
Mix and let stand a full night.
Your laundry is almost ready. For a nice consistency, be sure to mix the preparation and the filter to remove soap scums that have not melted. Your laundry is now ready. It’ll just use it every machine because of a cap.
Aleppo soap for delicate skin
Of great effectiveness against dirt, the components of Aleppo soap comply quite delicate skin.
For preparation, you need water (3 liters), grated Aleppo soap (150 grams). Baking soda (2 tablespoons) and washing soda (100 grams)
The manufacturing steps are:
Pour boiling water into a bucket.
Add soap and crystals.
Mix everything.
Pour baking soda.
Mix again.
Book until mixture is cold.
Our tip: mix the preparation for a homogeneous liquid laundry.
Natural laundry wood ash

As unlikely as it may seem, we use wood ash to clean clothes for the whole family.
For this recipe, you need only wood ash and water (2 liters).
The preparation is relatively fast but requires a rest period of at least 12 hours. Here are the steps:
Filter wood ash with a sieve.
Boil water.
Dilute wood ash in water.
Stir all before booking.
Filter all.

Making laundry soap Marseille

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