How to go cycling?

You decide to take the plunge? You want to go on a bike? Very good! Congratulations, you will not regret it.
However, I recommend you go at your own pace. If you try to go on a bike suddenly, while you have not done any sport for 10 years, and you’re not ready, not equipped, ill-advised, you will quickly be eliminated. Better to start gently.
If you are unsure, take the bike once a week, to go to work. Then twice. Start slowly, you will see, you will take a taste. Finally, it is up to you how you want to proceed.

Starting on the right foot, here are some tips from my experience:
Invest in a good quality bike
For pity’s sake, do not buy your bike in a large area or the decathlon. After a few weeks of use, it will start to go awry, wear, binding. Also, some parts will not be standard, and you have saved on quality, you will lose ten times in repairs.

Do not hesitate to pick the quality. A bike is an investment. At a good bike shop, we will make you a free initial review after the first month, and you’ll be quiet for a long time. And then there is relative. A new bicycle premium is often cheaper than a used car. In two months, your purchase will pay for itself.
Also look out for used bikes, especially on flea markets.
Choose a bike for your use
necessary equipments for Mt.Fuji climbing
How many kilometers will a day you drive? Will you go shopping with? Do you have children? In short! Ask good advice from your bike shop, because it does not recommend you the same bike as usual.
I see many people who stand out their old mountain bike to get around town. But for the city, nothing beats a good … city bike, with light, and luggage rack. Again, think twice, it’s an investment, and when you cycle, the difference will be felt.

For a city bike, think that lighting is essential. With a hub dynamo (that is directly integrated into the wheel), you gain in comfort.
Think about the accessories
Besides the bike, there are essential accessories. I think of the bags. Because you know, biking, Quench. At first, it is used to go to work, and then we finally go shopping with. Good bags will help you carry heavy loads, instead of lugging you a huge backpack.

Then some carts run on the bike to transport bulky stuff. But that, you can always see later.
And then there is the lock, essential against theft. We’ll talk later.
Do not stingy on safety
Even if your bike has good lighting, it is never too visible. A reflective vest is cheap and can save a life. Otherwise, some light strips are a bare minimum.

And helmet. Hmm … On the helmet, everyone does not agree, because it would have adverse side effects. For example, motorists would pay less attention to cyclists wearing helmets … See for yourself.
You can also attach to your bike a safety distance spacer. It’s a simple piece of plastic that goes beyond and discourages cars to overtake you too closely.

And maintenance
A bike is a mechanical machine that requires maintenance. You can take it for repair whenever you puncture a tire.
Tinkering a bit, you will save a lot of time and money. And although many bikes have evolved, it is still not the Boeings.

The minimum is to know to repair a flat tire. You will need it for a required patch. It is also useful to learn the speed adjusting the cable. And it is essential to lubricate occasionally moving parts to reduce wear. Talk to a handyman friend, or you find a good book on the subject. Then you can settle you to service your bike once a year with a good bike shop, and be quiet.

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