Selling a car in the modern world higher price, less time-consuming.

If one is trying to sell his car or truck on the market, he has to make a choice between time and money. Whether it is selling a car on a private sale or through a car dealership group, if he wants more money he ought to invest in endless time-consuming transactions to receive his money and vice versa, less money if he wants the cash immediately.

There are companies working on a modern approach for this process which can meet the consumer’s expectations. Start-up companies like Beepi, Carvana, Roadster, Shift and Vroom have created a peer-to-peer automotive sales network in which you can upload an album of your car and provide effortless information to receive an offer from the dealer. Apart from being convenient, these companies are willing to pay more money than the other dealers. Simple enough as they say it is, here is a review of two car owner-editors who tested these seven online car-selling tool.


Looking for the perfect deal

Our two editors were trying to sell a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro V-6 1LS and a 2013 Chevrolet Spark 1LT, both with manual transmissions, in a way most car owners would do.

They first evaluate their car’s market value by looking them up on Black Book and Keylley Blue Book, two vehicle evaluation tool which are approved and commonly used in the market.

With these prices locked in place, we move on to the modern dealers for the real price-check.

The old-established players

As soon as we post the cars to evaluate, offers from a group of car dealership came in and led the owners to Autonations’ We’ll buy your car site. The process involves a package of questions about your car which can be answered from you home effortlessly. One advantage is that their market is nationwide which includes 48 contiguous, meaning they will buy your car even if they don’t have a store in your state. In less than 30mins later, the offers come out with near under-average price.


Then come to another dealership site: TrueCar sell. Participants in this network are required to answer specific questions and upload pictures of their car for information. Your data is then sent to the public where local dealers can see and bid your car. You receive the best offer within less than a day:

The newcomers’ price

After getting a grip on the established players’ price, our two owner checked out the five new players, but here we only listed two most interesting results: Beepi and Vroom.

  1. Beepi

Being a modern company, they caught the attention by stating that only customers living near specific area can use the service: San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona; metro area (which includes parts of Maryland and Virginia).

As the writers live in Michigan, they continue to explore this direct peer-to-peer service. The price they offered were estimates, not like that exact number of the mentioned dealers. Your car must be in the listed locations in order to be eligible and then a Beepi officer will arrange a meeting to check your car’s condition. The results will be in a 240-point format. One advantage is that you can drive your car during the time it is sold online. If you are in a rush for money, Beepi offers an immediate check with a cost of 500$.

  1. Vroom

Vroom is an online application that stresses most on simplicity. Submit a form and provide the pictures of you vehicle and they will send you an interesting offer after that. A big plus for Vroom as they work nationally. Keep in mind that they are actively seeking for inventory as one Vroom representative responded to out Spark owner, claiming that he wants to buy his car. Should you accept the offer, their officer will pick your car up at your location and run a quick test on it.


With this sharing, you are now wiser in choosing which way is the best to sell your auto with higher price and less time consuming. We hope that you still keep following and supporting in the next articles. Wish you sell the car in the best price!

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