Archery: what you should know before you start

This article is intended as the first in a series of articles designed to help those seeking to get started in archery, an activity that has become for some time in one of my main hobbies ago and did not know where to start. I’m just an apprentice in this, but I’ve learned a few things that I hope you find them useful. I promise to be completing information as you learn, but never before. See top 10 best compound bows


To practice target shooting with the bow, you must be in possession of a license from the relevant Federation that only can be processed through a federated club. The license of the regional federation allows you to practice archery in the area of the corresponding community while the license of the Royal Spanish Federation of Archery, being a little more expensive, will allow you to shoot both inside and outside Spain, as it is recognized by the International Federation.

In case you have no license, the archer can practice archery in the presence of a federal monitor. To be a federated control, overcoming some evidence puts the Federation and the payment of an additional license is required.

From this, it follows that one can practice archery as a sport with the approval of a federated club. For this purpose, the FETA has a location map of organizations will help you to know where you can find one.

WHERE CAN archery?

Of course, a shooting range must have security measures to ensure that the practice of this sport is done without any risk or for people who practice, or anyone else.

To this end, the Spanish Federation of Archery has a “field guide facilities archery” available to anyone who wants it indicating what requirements must be met.


The first thing to know is if the goalkeeper is a right-handed or left-handed eye. It may happen that a person is distracted hand and left foot of eye at a time, so do not take anything for granted.

There are two very simple tests to see if you are right or left handed eye.

1-Extends one of your arms with raised thumb and cover an object. Look with both eyes first. Then, try looking with his left eye closing the right and then right closing left. There will be a look with covered still see the object. That’s your eye guide.

2-Extend your arms and your two thumbs together and your index fingers are forming between them a small diamond-shaped hole. Points to an object through that hole. Now, about hands towards you still, see the object until you touch your face. Interestingly you will find that by bringing hands, you will go by going to one of the eyes. That’s your eye guide.

If your eye is the right guide, you must use a skillful arc. If your bow guide is to the left, you must use a bow of southpaws. However, there are lefties eye using skilled archers with excellent results, but it is easier to learn if you use a suitable arc.

Besides this, we have to take into account the size and power of the arc. There arcs from 40 inches long to more than 70. Typically, 60-64 inches is a good size for a recurve bow initiation, if you want to use for competition. Fishing and hunting are often used smaller, more gentle arches. Longbows, typically exceed 70 inches.


As to the power should start underpowered. The power of the arches is set in pounds. Between 22 and 30 pounds would be nice to start, depending on each person. The back muscles, which are most going to use, barely used in daily life which should not charge them much at first. However, as we trained, we see that those muscles are gaining strength and that we have a little bow. Therefore, it is not advisable to buy a bow at the very beginning. Most clubs have archery bows of initiation for those who start.


There are many types arrows, calibers, and materials. To start shooting, it is best to do it with arrows initiation. Made of carbon fiber, start indicators are light and durable, resulting arches suitable for little power. However, you have to change arrows when using more powerful bows.

Arrows usually include three feathers, although there are four. Of the three feathers, usually a different color than the other which is what is called the guide boom. This pen should always be out when’s Hook the arrow on the bowstring, so that none of the other two, can trip over the bow when the arrow when it is triggered.

Also, we must check that the arrow is the proper length. An arrow too long can make us lose precision in the shot, but it is especially important not to use too short arrows to avoid such unpleasant things like this:


Yes. There are many supplements that can help you practice archery with greater safety and comfort. Here you can see my team goalkeeper to get an idea of the core material archer. As little, you should do with one finger tab, an editor of arches and a protective arm.



Although it seems that the archery does not require much physical effort, the truth is that it requires heating. Pull without heat can cause breakage of fibers that eventually can cause major problems. There are some simple exercises that can help you avoid such injuries.


  • Never let go of the rope “empty” (no arrow) as the force that should absorb the arrow and as imaginaries, is enough, it is transmitted entirely to the blades arc, which can make you seriously resent or even break.
  • Never shoot an arrow pointing up. An arrow strikes so hard to lose like that led to the rise, so it is better not to do to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure no one in sight at an angle of 150 degrees about your arrow when you go to shoot. Had anyone, even mountains arrow in the bow.
  • Archery may seem a dangerous sport, but it is not always you respect the basic safety standards. The most important are those that have said here.

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