How to remove hair naturally? Waxing home!

We must be consistent with alternative hair removal techniques to obtain good results.

Unwanted hair can vary in amount and thickness from woman to woman, but regardless of this, most agree they want to delete. Currently there are different techniques to end unwanted hair and get a smooth and beautiful skin like epilator reviews…However, many of these techniques are painful and usually quite expensive. Luckily, there are some natural ingredients that make hair removal without causing skin irritation and the facility to do it at home without costing a lot of money.

Natural hair removal techniques are very easy to make. They do not take much time and give excellent results removing hair. Before choosing any technique, you must keep in mind that you must be consistent with its application for real results. Dare to try these home hair removal methods and say goodbye to those unwanted hairs.

Sodium bicarbonate

This treatment to remove hair naturally should be every night before going to sleep and should make for good results followed.

What should you do?

● Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in a glass (200 ml) of boiling water, stir it well and let cool. Soak a piece of cotton or gauze in the solution and then apply it in areas of unwanted hair. The next morning, after removing the bandage, be sure to ask yourself enough moisturizer to prevent dryness in the area.
● After two or three days of application, you will begin to see results.


This hair removal technique has become very popular around the world as quickly it removes hair in minutes.
What should you do?

● In a medium saucepan, place two cups sugar (440 g) with the juice of a lemon. If not wet enough fruit sugar, add a little water. Then, bring the pot over medium-high heat and stir well with a spoon until the sugar is completely dissolved.
● When the mixture starts to boil, lower the heat and wait until a thick, sticky paste. The color should be golden, similar to honey. Be careful so you do not burn.
● When the pasta is ready, let it rest and then apply it on the skin clean and dry. Spread the mixture well and then remove it pulling hard in the opposite direction of hair growth.

White pepper and camphor

This mixture of white pepper and camphor is especially a solution for removing unwanted hair from legs. Both pepper and camphor can cause a burning sensation when applied to the skin, but is completely healthy. If you have some allergic reaction, should be avoided altogether.

What should you do?

● White pepper grinds well into a fine powder. Then mix it with equal parts crushed camphor and add a little almond oil.
● Forms a paste with all ingredients and then apply it on your lap for 15 minutes. After this time, rinse and note as will removing hair.

Chickpea flour

Chickpea flour is a natural treatment that has been used in the Indian subcontinent as an ally to prevent and eliminate unwanted body hair different areas. This ingredient is often mixed with turmeric flour and a little milk to avoid early onset of hair on babies and children. However, it is also used for hair removal in adults.


● ½ cup chickpea flour (65 g).
● One teaspoon turmeric (5g).
● ½ cup of milk.
● One teaspoon plain yogurt.

What should you do?

● Make a smooth paste with all ingredients and then apply it on the face to remove facial hair.
● Incubation for 30 minutes, after this time, you begin to massage the flour dough gently in the opposite direction of hair growth.
● If the paste has dried much, moisten your fingers to rub the face without hurting yourself.
● Finally, rinse your face with warm water and repeat this treatment two or three times a week.

3 homemade solutions to remove facial hair

Despite being natural products may present any reaction our skin, so before applying them to the desired area will test another hidden area

Most women have some hair on his face; however, if this occurs in abundant quantities and with a remarkable thickness, it is considered an eyesore that, where possible, should be removed.

About 10% of the girls from their fertile age suffer from excessive hair in visible areas like the face, mostly on the upper lip, that is, the famous mustache.

In response to the need to eliminate it, today there are many hair removal techniques that allow reducing it not to affect the beauty of the face.

However, many of them are aggressive with the skin and cause side effects such as, for example, irritation, allergies and even the appearance of spots.

Luckily, there are some homemade solutions that can be prepared with natural ingredients to make the finest hair and facilitate removal.

While these remedies do not remove it completely, they can be of great help to reduce it without the risk of adverse reactions. Interested to know?

1. Tea tree oil and lavender oil

The tea tree oil and lavender oil have slight anti-androgenic properties which, when applied locally on the face, can help reduce unwanted hair.

Moreover, it could be a great solution to eliminate those Mellitus growing in other visible areas like the neck, legs, and arms.


● One teaspoon lavender oil (5 ml)
● Five drops of tea tree oil
● One piece of cotton

Mix the two ingredients until a homogeneous oil.

How to use

● Dip the cotton in the oil and apply it on the area where you want to remove hair.
● You’ll have to repeat 2 or 3 times a day to get results quickly.
● We recommend reading: Home Remedies with lavender
2. Exfoliating Apricot and honey

This apricot facial scrub and honey can make finer hair for easy removal.

Thanks to their properties have additional benefits to the skin, for example, removal of dead cells and those lightening dark spots.


● ½ cup dried apricots (87g)
● One tablespoon honey (25g)


Shreds apricots and mix them with the tablespoon of honey to obtain a paste.

How to use

● Apply the treatment on facial hair and leave on for 10 minutes.
● The Past, this time, rub the area with the fingertips.
● Rinse with warm water and repeat the process three times a week.

3. Natural Wax sugar and lemon

The natural sugar and lemon wax are used similarly to the tradition wax hair removal, but the big difference is that this product is 100% natural and smoother skin.

While it can be utilized in all parts of the body affected by the excess hair, also useful to remove the most of those little hairs on the face.

The important thing is to use it with great caution not to be abrupt when removing it from the skin.


● 1 cup sugar (200 g)
● One lemon
● Cornmeal
● ¼ cup water
● 1 piece of cotton fabric


● Pour all ingredients in a saucepan, except cornmeal.
● Take them over medium heat, frequently stirring until bubbly and has a smooth consistency.
● Remove the product from heat and let stand until warm, without allowing it to cool.

How to use

● Apply a little cornmeal on facial hair to absorb body oils.
● Use a clean finger to check the heat of sugar wax and be sure to withstand the temperature.
● Apply a thin, even layer in the direction of hair growth.
● Then a colócale piece of cotton cloth over it, smooth it with your fingertips and let a few seconds while cooling to adhere well.
● After about two minutes, hold the fabric from one end and pull it in the opposite direction.
● This can be a bit painful, but it is tolerable.
● If necessary, you can repeat these steps two or three times to remove all facial hair.
● Finally, apply a little almond oil.

For any reason, you later out of the sun because it could stain your skin. Remember to use sunscreen.

As you can see, there are quite useful ingredients to get rid of facial hair without subjecting the skin to aggressive methods. Try to put them into practice at home and can prove they are an excellent alternative.

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