How to Maintenance Wood Furniture

How to prepare your wooden windows for the coming years

Today we’ll talk to them about how to prepare your wooden windows for the coming years, with these steps, you will achieve a longer give their life wooden windows and protect against winter and rainy seasons to make them always to look like just coming from the Best Log Splitters.

When the rainy season and cold end, it is necessary refinishing of wooden windows, then we tell them how to brush them optimally for the following years.



If the windows were well made and finished well applied, they must maintain their good looks for a long time. However, after some harsh winters, you need repainting.

  1. Put tape over your window glasses: Clean the surface on which it will apply the finish, use a solution of water with chlorine or soap. If you notice the only superficial damage that has not affected the wood, polish lightly with fine sandpaper and apply a small amount of varnish.
  2. However, if your window has holes or deep scratches or very marked, it will be necessary to remove the old finish. Remove windows from their frames and put them in a safe place. Sand any imperfections in the wood with a sander with medium grain between 100 and 120.
  3. After cleaning the dust produced by sanding, apply one coat of finish of your preference using a medium-sized round brush.
  4. When you are done giving the first coat of finish, and this is dry, lightly polish again. A fine grain 180 or 240. Then apply the second coat is recommended. We also suggest following the directions of the product purchased.
  5. Remember that in the market there are many products to give your finished wood pieces, consider the purchase climate, hardness, and type of wood and finish hue. Never go for the price, the quality, and duration, are proportional to the value of the product.

We hope that our article on how to prepare your wooden windows for the next few years has been useful for you. If you know another way to do this activity share it with us, our readers will appreciate it.


Myths about care of your wooden deck or terrace

There are many myths about caring for your wood deck or patio. In Infomaderas we’ll help you find out. Good advice is critical when taking care of your investment. Building a bridge is an expensive work and should not neglect or give poor maintenance, this will dramatically shorten their appearance and durability.

  • Probably one of the biggest myths about taking care of the deck is pressure-treated wood need not be sealed. This is false. Pressure-treated wood is protected from bacteria and insects. However, all wood needs to be protected from the sun, water, humidity and low temperatures. If you ignore, it is likely that mold, cracks, aging, discoloration, chips, and deformations appear.
  • The second myth is that sealants that cause water to accumulate are better products. This is also false. Wax and silicone are those that cause water to accumulate on the surface. These products are short-lived since they decompose rapidly due to inclement weather and pedestrian traffic.
  • Perhaps the biggest about the outside maintenance of wood myth is that once you apply a product to protect your wooden deck will not have to do it again for five years or 10 years. Nothing could be further from the truth. The biggest threat to wood is the climate and the constantly fluctuating. The weather does not care if you just apply a finished timber, sun and water are not going to stop coming for 5 or 10 years. The damage caused by climatic factors on wood depends on the type of timber, the protection you have applied and humidity and sunlight which is exposed. How to know if the wood needs to be protected again? Pour a cup of water on your deck, if the water is absorbed quickly, it’s probably time to reapply a sealant.

We hope Myths care of your wooden deck or terrace has been useful. If you know other techniques or deck problems that have not been mentioned in this article, we invite you to share your knowledge with us. Our readers will appreciate it.

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