Tips For Improving Your Hybrid Bike

You are old or young, sedentary or athletic, riding bicycle is always interesting and the most healthy way to enjoy the outdoors. It brings the great workouts for every part of your body. You are keen on riding every day how matter what terrains are and how it is, you love adventurous racing by bicycle.

Currently, although you and your friends are owning the best hybrid bikes in the world, you still have not found the way to get faster, more comfortable and more practical when riding. Therefore, what I want to provide for you in this article is the guide that can support you to raise your bike’s performance.


As you know, the hybrid bike is one of the most special bikes because it is the combination of the speed of road bike and the ruggedness of the mountain bike. It is not too control normally but to make your riding professional and offers more selections to suit your specific requirements is not easy. Hence, I will give you how to be good at cycling hybrid bike with safety and comfort right now.

1. Pick up your right and comfortable seat.

When riding, if you feel sore or numb you should consider about changing your saddle immediately. Especially, for the women who tend to have the wide spaced “sit bone,” the narrow seats on the racing bike can be uncomfortable for them.

You can ask your friends to get the advice but have to remember that each people will have the different size of saddle. When you buy it, you should try and test before. If you feel your hands numb, you have to think about changing your handlebar grips. You can use round grips or shaped grips which offer more aid to the palm of your hand.

Hybrid usually has more upright cycling positions that put a lot more weight on your sit bones than your hands. You can wear padded Lycra shorts to get comfortable with your seat. Besides, you can use the Gel-filled saddles, pads or sheepskin pads which could ease pressure and friction between your back sides and the saddle.

pick-up-your-right-and-comfortable-seat You have to be sure that the position of the saddle just slightly bent at the bottom of each rotation. The seat could be too low if it bent too much. Whether the knee lock when extending the seat is too high. Thus, you should adjust seat’s position and make sure it is at the standard level.

2. Improve your hybrid more practical

Most of the hybrid bike was produced to be practical with four seasons, and you can absolutely find fittings for mudguards and racks easily. However, sometimes your hybrid have no accessories fitted as the criterion. The mudguards are very useful if you want to ride in all weathers even wet or cold. You should keep spray and muck off to increase the life of these components when you wanna go in the wet condition.


You will be more comfortable and convenient to take a change of clothes to work or go for a trip on a weekend ride in some remote areas if you use the luggage rack and panniers. It will be easy because you don’t need to take the backpack or courier bag with heavy weight on your back.

3. Looking for the right tyres hybrid bike

You should choose the tyre that is suitable for the terrain that you ride on. If you just ride on the tarmac, then lightweight slick tyres will work better and make your performance livelier than the mixed-surface. If you move on the soft ground and mud, you have to take the tyres with some tread for better grip.

Besides, the wide tyres will support to absorb bumps and make your riding more comfortable over the rough ground. However, you have to be sure that there is enough the clearance for wider tyres to suit.

4. Begin with slow speed

You don’t need to care much about the speed at the beginning because it is not your competition so take it slowly. The pedal just about 30 minutes or more on the flat terrain for the first weeks. Then you can raise your speed and your choice of the terrain. It will be better if you add the hills for the greater exercise.


You ought to ride with your groups of friends or family members because it will increase your motivation and inspiration to be a better hybrid cyclist.

5. So your best braking

If you want to stop quickly, you have to press your hybrid’s brakes firmly and slide your backside to the back of the saddle. It will keep the rear of the bicycle down and then you will not flip over the handlebars. Especially, in the case of being long downhills with wet weather, you must not squeeze your brakes too strong or the front brake. You should try to tap the brakes and apply in the intermittent pressure and apply the firm pulse to both of brakes.

6. Change your positions

To get the more great feeling, you should modify the angle of your neck, back and arms then your muscles get stressful, and pressure is to put on the different nerves. In addition, you should keep your arms more relaxed and do not lock your elbows that will help you to get the bumps better.

7. Gear to make your riding faster

Normally, the hybrid bike has 7-8 speed vs. 9-10 on the new road bikes. Thus, you could swap put your existing cassette with the road bicycling cassette with the similar number

of speeds. The reason is that the hybrid is the combination of the road bike and mountain bike and it has the same gears with road bike which allow for more steps inside the range of the gears.


After reading this article, you could get some of the tips for great performance riding. With your best hybrid bikes, you can go everywhere you want with the most comfortable feeling to sense the beauty of your colorful life outside. I hope that you will be the professional hybrid bike cyclist as soon as possible. Lovely racing!

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